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In what situations can Colectiva help me?

If you are in a situation where you are not able to cover your mortgage debt and want to reach an agreement with your bank, or even if you are trying to negotiate with them and they are taking no notice of you.

If you are trying to get the bank to accept the surrender of the property in lieu of payment through the handover of the mortgaged property and they do not accept this or tell you that after such a surrender you would have an outstanding debt.

If you are faced with foreclosure proceedings and you see that you might lose your home and mortgaged property, and that after losing this asset you will to continue to owe a significant amount to your bank

If you find yourself in a situation of preliminary proceedings with creditors or facing bankruptcy proceedings.

How can Colectiva help me?

Colectiva is based on joining up debtors. If you sign up to our service and register your debt, COLECTIVA shall suggest, after having studied your case, a solution by which your debt shall be joined to a negotiating process led by COLECTIVA whose base is formed by other mortgage debts of similar characteristics and that only our database knows about in its entirety. All this is aimed at achieving that the bank accepts a surrender of the property in lieu of payment to fully release you from your debt.


What type of debt can Colectiva help me with?

COLECTIVA may suggest solutions if you have mortgage debts, both for individuals as well as companies.

I am already dealing with my bank; even my lawyer is dealing with this matter. Is this incompatible with COLECTIVA?

Not at all. COLECTIVA WANTS TO HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM, and that is compatible with any proceedings that you or your lawyer are currently undertaking, and it does not matter if you are in a judicial procedure, preliminary proceedings with creditors on even facing bankruptcy proceedings.

The fact of signing up or registering a debt in Colectiva, does that mean that Colectiva can already negotiate something in my name?

Absolutely. By signing up, you only provide us with the basic information about your situation and express your wish to receive more information about a possible proposal that can provide a solution to your problem. After studying your case COLECTIVA shall suggest the most appropriate solution for your case. Only when you so decide, and prior written consent, shall COLECTIVA begin to negotiate on your behalf.

The home page says that it is free to sign up to COLECTIVA, is this true?

Yes, thats true. Signing up to COLECTIVA is free, as well as registering one or more debts on your profile. These services do not have a registration or maintenance cost.


The ‘What do we do?’ section says that Colectiva links its fees to the success of the negotiation, what does this mean?

As we have commented on earlier, once COLECTIVA has studied your case and offers you a solution, it shall suggest the option of joining a negotiation group to reach an agreement with your bank.
You can then decide whether you are interested in joining that group or not under the conditions that have been reached.
The payment of our fees, which shall amount to 0.99% of the amount of the debt you have with you bank, shall only be paid if the objectives proposed in the previous negotiation agreement were indeed reached.

How do I sign up to Colectiva and what is it for?

Select the “REGISTER” button, and COMPLETE THE BASIC DATA ON THE FORM. Your username shall be your email. We recommend that you choose a password that is not related to dates that are easily linked to you such as your birthday, date of birth of descendants or ascendants, etc. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email for you to confirm your email address and…that’s it, it’s so easy!!
You are then registered with COLECTIVA, now you can start to register your debts.

I have given my data to Colectiva, how secure is this?

COLECTIVA complies with the legislation in force in relation to the processing of personal data. You can find further information in the Data Protection tab and in the Legal Notice tab.


I have already registered one or more debts, now what?

Now, COLECTIVA will study the information you have provided, verify the basic data with you and validate the debt as active.

Can I cancel my debt at any time? Do I have to justify it?

Yes, whenever you want.
All you have to do is log into your user profile, select the debt you want to remove and delete the data related to it. If you change your mind, you can re-create the debt even though you had previously deleted it.

Can I cancel the service as a user?

Yes, at any time. You do not need to justify your decision; all you have to do is delete your account or profile with your user name and password.

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