A single debt is not worth anything. It does not have the capacity to negotiate. Nobody listens to it. This is why Colectiva brings together people who want to solve their mortgage debts. How?

Colectiva.org | Mortgage Debts

Unity creates strength

If many debtors join together, they have a greater capacity to negotiate and attain solutions. Something that would be of interest both to them as well as to the banking institutions themselves.

Colectiva.org | Mortgage Debts

A unique platform

At Colectiva we offer you the possibility of joining our mortgagors grouping service. A unique platform in Spain.

Colectiva.org | Mortgage Debts

The best solution

We shall group together your debts along with others belonging to the same bank and geographical location. We shall negotiate with banks the surrender of the property in lieu of payment that will fully release you from your debt.


Joining our platform has many benefits.


You are not alone. If you join we will give you information of how many people there are like you, in your situation with your bank and in your locality. In this way we shall be able to negotiate with banks under the best conditions

Free Registration

From the moment you register you will have our team working for you and this will not cost you anything. Colectiva links its fees to the success of the negotiation.


Colectiva, is also an alternative way to others that you can be trying yourself like negotiating with your bank or if a judicial procedure is underway.


It is important that you know the steps to follow. From the moment you visit our website until you resolve your debt.

You have come to the website
Step 1

You know what Colectiva is and you want to join.

Step 2

Register on the platform

To do this click on the orange button "Register Free" from the menu and fill in the registration form.

Step 3

Complete the profile information

It is necessary that you provide us with as much information as possible so that we can start studying your case.

Step 4

Study of your debt

Once you have completed your profile we will situate you next to other debtors that are in your geographic area and have the same bank.

Step 5

Suggested solutions

At this point we shall contact you to offer you possible solutions to your debt. Once specified, you must provide us the information that we need.

Step 6

Negotiation with your bank

At this point we shall negotiate with your bank.

Debt Resolved


We know that you have some questions, read our list of frequently asked questions to solve your queries.

How can Colectiva help me?

Colectiva is based on joining up debtors. If you sign up to our service and register your debt, COLECTIVA shall suggest, after having studied your case, a solution by which your debt shall be joined to a negotiating process led by COLECTIVA whose base is formed by other mortgage debts of similar characteristics and that only our database completely knows about.

I am already dealing with my bank; even my lawyer is dealing with this matter. Is this incompatible with COLECTIVA?

Not at all. COLECTIVA WANTS TO HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM, and that is compatible with any proceedings that you or your lawyer are currently undertaking, and it does not matter if you are in a judicial procedure, preliminary proceedings with creditors on even facing bankruptcy proceedings.

The fact of signing up or registering a debt in Colectiva, does that mean that Colectiva can already negotiate something in my name?

Absolutely. By signing up, you only provide us with the basic information about your situation and express your wish to receive more information about a possible proposal that can provide a solution to your problem. After studying your case COLECTIVA shall suggest the most appropriate solution for your case. Only when you so decide, and prior written consent, shall COLECTIVA begin to negotiate on your behalf.

The home page says that it is free to sign up to COLECTIVA, is this true?

Yes, that’s true. Signing up to COLECTIVA is free, as well as registering one or more debts on your profile. These services do not have a registration or maintenance cost.